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Company Profile
Business Type Manufacturer , Supplier
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Standard quality
  • Affordable prices
  • On-time delivery
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Hygienic and germ free production unit

No of Staff 42
Year of Establishment 1998
Production Type Automatic
Product Range
  • Tablets:- AB-Plus, Espar Forte, AB-Forte, Symulide-100, AB-Par-D, Abfer, Drovin-M, ABECIP-500,  ABECIP-TZ, Escal 500, Alfa Escal, AB-Rox 150, Bijocef-50/100/200, Abromycin-500, etc.
  • Capsules:- Oxen-20, Eszol-20, FCD-5,  Eszol-D, Abfer-Z, Esmox-250/500, AOD, Betone Forte, Abneuron Forte, Esclox, etc.
  • Syrups:- Abfer Syrup, Esmox-250 DT/60 Ml Dry Syrup, AB-KOF Syrup, AB-KOF-AX Syrup, etc.
  • Injections:- AB-Penta-40, Erixon-SB-750, Amdol, Erixon-1 Mg, Amacin-500, Erixon-SB-1.5 Mg, Abenuron, Erixon TZ-250 Mg, Abenuron Plus, Erixon TZ-1000, CEFDIM-1000, Esclav, CPS Plus-1 Mg, Irose, etc.
  • Cardiac & Diabetic Range:- AB-Trate 10/20 Tablets, Pronol 10/40 Tablets, AB-Nol 25/50 Tablets, AB-Met-25/50 Tablets, AB-Dip 2.5/5 Tablets, Abezide-80 Tablets, AB-Dip-AT Tablets, Abezide-M Tablets, AB-Dilt 30/60 Tablets, Abepride 1/2 Tablets, AB-Dilt-SR Tablets, Abepride Plus Tablets, AB-Vas 10 Tablets, Abepride Forte Tablets, Piogrel-75 Tablets, Glybonil-5 Tablets, Piogrel-AP-75 Tablets, Glyonil Plus Tablets, Mipril 1.5/2.5 Tablets, Geoglit- 15/30 Tablets, Lopassium, Geoglit M Tablets, Lopassium-H Tablets, MFT-500-SR Tablets, AB-Pril 2.5 Tablets, Lemisar-40/80/H AM etc.
  • Neuro-Psychiatry Range:- Sanidone Tablets, Dothiaden 25/75 Tablets, Osapine 2.5/5/7.5/10 Tablets, Olanzapine 2.5/5/7.5/10 mg, Sanyval Chrono-300 Tablets, Sanodone Plus Tablets, Toscalm Tablets, Clonase Tablets, Tosidol 1.5/5/10 Tablets, Eszopine 25/100 Tablets, Lora 1/2 Tablets, Abepine 25/50/100 Tablets, Amitose 10/25/75 Tablets, etc.
Standard Certification ISO 9001:2000.
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